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AddArt has the ability to spread any idea, lesson or message through art and various forms thereof. Having the ability to edit, produce film of animation, to expose, to organize event and more. Its primary goal is to create concepts & ideas in order to ``Add Art`` in every aspect of life, whenever and wherever it can be applied in such a manner that it leaves a positive mark.


Ánemos-Anima-Animation: we work with love and passion to breathe life into unique and interesting characters.


Into the frame, out of the box. Since the inception of AddArt, comic creation has been one of our founding pillars and areas of expertise.


Our recipe for the perfect event is no big secret: plan – coordinate – execute. We will leave no stone unturned to make the experience enjoyable and memorable.


From script to screen, we can document, portray and communicate ideas and meanings through original content creation.

Game Design

Playing can be a very serious game. Focusing on the educational aspect of gaming, our projects aim to blend fun with learning.

Graphic Design

We offer unique branding and successful advertising in the way we know best: by adding and applying art for the best effect possible.


Visualizing imagination, one piece at a time.


Turning ideas into concepts, one application at a time: our work focuses on speed, efficiency and compatibility, offering users a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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