EuroAnima Erasmus+ Training Course

‘EuroAnima’ is a joint initiative of 12 organizations from Poland, United Kingdom, Greece, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Italy, Spain, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Latvia. The main aim of the project is to develop competences of youth workers and NGO staff members as well as volunteers in the use of animation for educational and outreach purposes (e.g. in the dissemination of information).

 We wish to achieve that through the successful implementation of the specific project objectives:

– Analysing the use of animation and artistic forms of expression in the exchange of information and the development of innovative educational programs

– Training project participants in the use of basic programs and animation techniques (eg. stop motion)

– Exploring the potential of ICT tools for the sake of creating, testing and using animations

– Increasing competences of those involved in using creative forms of expression so as to provide greater visibility and dissemination of information related to daily work of youth organizations

– Creating a platform for the exchange of best practices used by partner organizations in order to promote organizations, actively engage target groups, etc.

– Promoting ERASMUS + Programme and providing space to build new future partnerships between organisations engaged. 




July 19, 2019